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Kuruvilla and sons has been involved in the manufacture of Bamboo products since 1986. Over the years, we have aquired a reputation of reliability and quality. Our products are made from Bamboo. Bamboo, because of its fast growth and maturity, is an enviroment-friendly alternative to wood.

Bamboo Blinds to meet your needs

Maximum Light

If you are looking for a natural blind that cuts out the harshness and heat of the sun while keeping your room bright and your view intact, your search for the perfect solution ends here. Our bamboo blinds for windows - MAXIMUM LIGHT OPTIONS are ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and spaces that need the most natural light.

Room Darkening

Need a natural blind that will cut out maximum light, say for a cozy afternoon nap or to watch your favourite movie during the day? Here’s a solution to do just that. Our room darkening range of bamboo blinds for windows are ideal for bedrooms and entertainment rooms to cut out light when required.


If you thought that woven bamboo blinds for windows are see-through, here’s one to change your mind. Overlapping bamboo weaves that cut out all visibility. This solution is perfect for bedrooms and rooms that look out into public spaces or roads and need outside visibility to be cut off.

Water Resistant

If you have a space within your home where rainwater comes in, like a partially open ceiling, have no fear, we have a solution for you. Our water-resistant Outdoor range has a water repellency feature that keeps the bamboo blinds for windows unaffected. So, you can relax and enjoy the weather.


Yes, we have a natural solution for your porch or garden cabana or that open courtyard within your home. Treated bamboo sticks that can withstand rain, with anti-fungal features that make it durable in direct contact with the seasons.

Amazing Features

Envirionment Friendly

Bamboo is a fast-growing reed from the grass family. It matures in 2-3 years and replenishes quickly once cut, making it an renewable option.


Bamboo blinds for windows can bring down the temperature of your room by more than a few degrees. They are known to keep the heat out by cutting off the harshness of sunlight. A great option to keep your summertime electricity bills down.

Interior & Exterior Options

We offer both Interior and exterior options that can meet your every need. Whether it’s for privacy in your bedroom or cutting the heat out on your porch, we have the blind for you!

Low Maintenance

Bamboo blinds are very low-maintenance products. All they need is light dusting and periodic use of the mechanism. They are very durable.

Easy to Install

FLORA Bamboo blinds come with simple fitting instructions anyone can follow. They come fully assembled and can be put up almost as easily as a picture frame.